Explosion at Tanzanian Sugar Factory Claims 11 Lives

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An explosion at the Mtibwa Sugar Factory in Tanzania resulted in the tragic deaths of 11 workers, including three foreign nationals, on Thursday, May 23rd. The incident occurred as a technical team was preparing machinery for the day’s production and was caused by an electrical fault leading to a steam pipe burst.

Regional police chief Alex Mkama has confirmed that three foreign nationals from Kenya, Brazil, and India were among the victims of the explosion that occurred in the Morogoro region in eastern Tanzania. Additionally, two other workers were injured in the incident. The injured individuals initially received treatment at Morogoro hospital before being transferred to the capital, Dodoma, for further medical care, as stated by Dr. David Ruchamisa, the attending physician.

Mtibwa Sugar Factory is one of Tanzania’s key sugar producers, with an annual output of at least 70,000 metric tons. The factory’s significant contribution to the country’s sugar supply underscores the gravity of this incident, which has shaken the local community and the industry at large.

Authorities are investigating the precise cause of the electrical fault that triggered the explosion, while efforts are being made to ensure the safety and well-being of the factory’s remaining workers. This tragic event highlights the critical importance of stringent safety measures in industrial operations to prevent such devastating occurrences in the future.


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