Togo’s Electricity Shortage: Organizations Call on Authorities to Address Crisis and Its Impacts

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Organizations such as the Consumer League and the Martin Luther King Movement are urging authorities to address a severe electricity shortage that has disrupted the lives and activities of citizens. According to the government, the country has been grappling with an “energy crisis” since January, a situation that also affects neighboring countries.

The Consumer League reports that long hours without electricity, even in the capital city of Lomé, have become increasingly common since the beginning of the year. This persistent issue has sparked widespread complaints among Togolese citizens. Several organizations are raising alarms about the adverse effects on professional activities. Togolese authorities attribute the problem to sub-regional difficulties that extend beyond the country’s borders.

“Electricity has become a rare commodity in Togo over the past few months,” stated the Martin Luther King Movement in a recent communiqué, highlighting the daily power outages that can last for hours.

The Consumer League of Togo corroborates these reports, citing frequent and prolonged power cuts that significantly harm consumers and have ripple effects on the economy. Emmanuel Sogadj, the league’s president, describes the slowdown in economic activities: “Depriving someone of electricity in today’s digital age means halting all activities. Private sector businesses, such as bar and shop owners, suffer tremendous losses because the cold chain for frozen products is disrupted. We believe the government must take appropriate measures to prevent this situation from continuing.”

Sogadj calls for greater transparency and communication from the authorities and the Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo (CEET) to clarify the root causes of these power issues.

In response to mounting criticism, Energy and Mines Minister Mila Aziablé provided some explanations in early April. She pointed to a regional “energy crisis” that has persisted since January, primarily due to a shortage of natural gas, which has led to load shedding. Aziablé noted that this crisis also affects neighboring countries, including Benin and Ghana.

The ongoing electricity shortage in Togo underscores the urgent need for effective solutions to ensure reliable power supply, vital for both daily life and economic stability. As organizations continue to advocate for action, the spotlight remains on the government’s response to this pressing issue.


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