Constitutional Court Upholds Results of Togo’s Legislative Elections

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The Constitutional Court has affirmed the results of the legislative elections held on April 29th. Over 4 million Togolese citizens participated in the dual elections to elect 113 deputies and 179 regional councilors, resulting in a resounding victory for the Union for the Republic (UNIR), the ruling party. On Monday, May 13th, in Lomé, the Constitutional Court upheld these outcomes.

There were no alterations to the final results. The thirty or so appeals lodged by opposition parties were entirely dismissed by the Constitutional Court. UNIR secured 108 out of the 113 contested seats, while the Alliance for Democracy and Integral Development (ADDI) secured two seats. The remaining three seats were divided among the Alliance for National Change (ANC), the Democratic Forces for the Republic (FDR), and the Dynamic for the Majority of the People (DMP).

Yawa Kouigan, Minister of Communication and Media and newly elected deputy, attributes this outcome to diligent work and close ties with the populace. She expressed, “It is immensely gratifying for our peace that the Republic functions as intended, and that institutions each play their part in strengthening our democracy. I belong to UNIR, our esteemed party.”

Several opposition parties raised allegations of electoral fraud in the aftermath of the elections. Opposition member Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson of the Dynamic for the Majority of the People emphasized documented evidence of these claims in the appeals. She remarked, “When we assess the entire electoral process in our country, what stands out is the congenital incapacity of this regime to practice democracy.”

The participation rate, with a slight adjustment, stands at 61.76%. The newly elected Assembly is scheduled to convene for the first time on May 21st.


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