Chad: Success Masra Holds Inaugural Rally in Abéché

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Success Masra

The electoral campaign for the upcoming presidential election on May 6th, aimed at ending three years of transition, has commenced nationwide with all ten candidates actively participating.

Prime Minister Success Masra of the Transformers party is running as a candidate for the Justice and Equality coalition. On Friday, April 19th, he held his very first rally in Abéché, in the Ouaddaï province, located in eastern Chad.

Following Friday prayers, Success Masra made a grand entrance on a motor tricycle near the Franco-Arabic high school in Abéché. He took the stage amidst cheers and applause from the crowd.

During his address, the Prime Minister and candidate touched upon issues concerning water, electricity, and road infrastructure. He urged Chadians to exercise their voting rights freely on May 6th. “Explain to your neighbors and everyone that not having a voter card is not an issue if you are registered on the electoral list. Some may not have their cards, but with the old cards from 2016 or 2021, you can still vote. And with your national identity card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, or student ID card, you can also vote,” he emphasized.

Addressing concerns about potential internet shutdowns on election day, the candidate reassured voters, stating, “I want to tell Chadians that in this 21st century, it is not I, your servant, sometimes referred to as the president of social media, who will shut down the internet on election day. Therefore, we must move forward confidently, embracing modernity while ensuring that the voice of the people is heard without fear.”

If elected, Success Masra pledged inclusivity under his presidency, stating, “Under our leadership in Chad, those who were once mediocre builders and engineers will stand beside us. They will learn and become the best builders, and together, we will build Chad for the future. We will work with the officers, and we will even chair the security council. Look around me: are we not diverse? Look at the appointments we have made and compare them. Chadians from the North, South, East, West, and Central regions – we are all working together.”

This marks Success Masra’s debut presidential candidacy. He is expected to visit Mongo and Ati in the coming days.

Soukaina Sghir

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