Benin: President Patrice Talon Appoints Intelligence Chief as Special Envoy to Haiti

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Benin’s President, Patrice Talon, announced on Wednesday, April 17th, the appointment of Pamphile Zomahoun as the country’s special envoy to Haiti. Benin has voluntarily committed to providing 2,000 troops for the future Multinational Security Support Force (MMSS) in Haiti. Zomahoun’s appointment as a special envoy marks a further step in the implementation of the project to deploy Beninese forces to Port-au-Prince.

The official statement from the council of ministers announcing his appointment does not elaborate on his mission in Haiti, but his immediate priority will be to prepare for the arrival of the 2,000 Beninese troops.

In this mission, Zomahoun will engage with Haitian and international partners such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Jamaica, all of whom are involved in establishing the multinational force. The scope of Benin’s participation is well-defined.

The 2,000 troops primarily come from the Beninese armed forces, including the army, air force, navy, and national guard. It is possible that a small contingent of police officers will complement the force, and before deployment to Port-au-Prince, they will undergo training provided by Beninese and foreign instructors.

The timeline for deployment remains unclear. Financing is reportedly underway, and according to our sources, key stakeholders are preparing for an imminent meeting.

Pamphile Zomahoun is expected to assume his duties promptly, according to a source. Aged 53, he is a colonel in the gendarmerie, having received training at Saint-Cyr and Melun, France.

Soukaina Sghir

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