Presidential Election in Chad: Bishops Call for Smooth Campaign

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On the eve of the official opening of the electoral campaign for the presidential election scheduled for May 6th, the bishops are calling on all stakeholders in the process to ensure the smooth conduct of the election.

Following the closed session of the bishops’ conference, Bishop Samuel Mbairab√© advocated for respect and calm. These sentiments were shared with our correspondent in Ndjamena, Olivier Monodji.

“These elections, it must be emphasized, will take place in a difficult socio-economic, political, and security context that we all know. Chadians place great hope in them as they see the possibility of emerging from the transitional period and gradually establishing strong and credible republican institutions. Therefore, we, the Bishops of the Church, the family of God, appeal to the various actors involved in the electoral process to do everything possible to ensure its smooth conduct, promoting the free expression of every citizen, respecting the electoral process, and ensuring transparency in the results of the votes cast in the ballot boxes.”

In Chad, the official electoral campaign will commence tomorrow, Sunday, April 14th, 2024.


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