Presidency Launches Citizens’ Delivery Tracker for Feedback Mechanism

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The Bola Tinubu administration has launched a Citizens’ Delivery Tracker to gather feedback from citizens on the eight priority areas outlined by the Presidency.

During the Go-Live event of the Citizens’ Delivery Tracker (CDT) in Abuja, the President’s Special Adviser on Policy and Coordination, Hadiza Bala-Usman, revealed the initiative.

Bala-Usman highlighted that the platform is accessible through a web link ( and will soon be available as a downloadable app in the coming months.

She emphasized that Monday’s launch marks the culmination of a meticulous process initiated since Tinubu announced plans for ministerial assessment at the Cabinet Retreat for ministers and heads of government agencies last November.

To gauge key performance indicators, Bala-Usman elaborated that the Citizens’ Delivery Coordination Unit (CDCU) engaged in numerous bilateral meetings with Ministries, Departments, and Agencies within six weeks.

The eight priority areas include: reforming the economy to foster sustained inclusive growth, enhancing national security for peace and prosperity, promoting agriculture to ensure food security, and harnessing energy and natural resources for sustainable development.

Additionally, the focus extends to improving infrastructure and transportation as growth facilitators, prioritizing education, health, and social investment as fundamental pillars of development, accelerating diversification through industrialization, digitization, creative arts, manufacturing, and innovation, and enhancing governance for efficient service delivery.

Soukaina Sghir

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