Togo: Opposition Angered by Further Postponement of Legislative and Regional Elections

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The political opponents and civil society were torn between surprise and anger on April 4th, 2024, following the postponement of legislative and regional elections scheduled for April 20th. The announcement from the presidency came just hours before the start of the campaign, sparking strong reactions.

It is described as a “slight adjustment to the electoral schedule,” according to the presidency, allowing the National Assembly to conduct consultations on the new Constitution. This text, passed by the deputies about ten days ago despite their mandate expiring at the end of December, is rejected by the opposition.

Meetings and consultations have been held throughout Thursday, April 4th, within Togolese political parties and civil society. Several opposition groups, including the National Alliance for Change (ANC) led by Jean-Pierre Fabre, are instructing their candidates to campaign despite the postponement of the double ballot, for which no new date has been announced yet. They also plan to organize demonstrations soon.

Several candidates lament the surprise effect of Wednesday’s announcement. They point out that expenses have already been incurred and that activists are deployed in the field.

According to the Togolese government, this postponement was decided to allow consultations on the new Constitution, which President Faure Gnassingbé has sent back to the National Assembly for a second reading. The Assembly states that arrangements will be made quickly to gather contributions.

The format of these consultations will be defined by the bureau and the law commission. It is uncertain whether opponents of the text will agree to participate. Some argue that the Assembly no longer has legitimacy, as its mandate has ended for several weeks. Others believe that the government is determined to reform and that the discussion is therefore pointless.


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