Madagascar: Opposition Protests Following Removal of National Assembly President

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The High Constitutional Court has stripped Christine Razanamahasoa of her deputy mandate and, consequently, her presidency of the National Assembly. The former head of the lower house will not sit in the chamber until the upcoming legislative elections scheduled for May 29th.

The reason cited for her removal is her recent stances deemed contrary to the executive’s line. This sanction has sparked outrage among the opposition and some members of the majority group.

The decision has sent shockwaves. “Who will still dare to claim that we currently live in a state of law?” responded Hajo Andrianainarivelo, President of the opposition party Malagasy Miara Miainga (MMM), on his account.

Even within the majority, voices have risen. Deputy Paul Bert Rahasimanana – known as Rossy – highlights the “hastiness” of a decision made in just two days, following a swift hearing at the High Constitutional Court.

On Thursday evening, the Court judges indeed validated the impeachment request filed by the presidential coalition IRD, citing Christine Razanamahasoa’s recent critical remarks. The opposition views this judicial procedure as politicized.

However, for the ruling camp, the aim is to sanction “repeated” deviations from the group’s code of conduct, which it perceives as a real threat to “stability” and “democracy in Madagascar.”

Power Play

The former institution’s lawyer, Maître Rija Rakotomalala, sees it as a power play aimed at bypassing the defense. Instead of being treated as a mere deputy, his client should have first been ousted from her position as president of the National Assembly before being removed from her elected functions, the lawyer adds.

The timing of the announcement, just before the Easter weekend when political and institutional life comes to a halt, deprived Christine Razanamahasoa of an immediate response. Since her removal was announced, she has remained silent.


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