Okuama: Killing of 17 Soldiers Deemed Highly Abominable

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Renowned Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba, has vehemently condemned the recent massacre of 17 Nigerian Army officers in Delta state, denouncing it as profoundly abhorrent.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Akpobome expressed his outrage, asserting that the brutal murder of the soldiers reflects a decay in societal values.

His remarks were made on the sidelines of the presentation of “Anything and Everything Journalism” and “My Story of Many Colours,” books authored by Mr. Azuh Arinze, publisher of Yes International Magazine, held in Lagos on Monday.

Akpobome highlighted that the killing of soldiers signifies a troubling decline in moral education within the nation. He emphasized the significance of respecting individuals who serve in institutions, particularly esteemed ones like the military, tasked with safeguarding the populace.

“In other countries, military personnel are accorded priority boarding during travel, along with retired officers. This underscores the importance of comprehensively understanding our national values. Such incidents are regrettable,” the comedian, who hails from Delta state, remarked.

He stressed the gravity of the offense, emphasizing that harming or killing soldiers, regardless of the circumstances, constitutes a heinous crime. Akpobome emphasized the need for citizens to adhere to lawful conduct, including refraining from any form of aggression toward law enforcement personnel.

“Perpetrators of misconduct by public officials, including soldiers, should gather evidence and approach relevant authorities for redress,” Akpobome advised.

Furthermore, Akpobome called upon institutions such as the Public Complaints Commission and the National Orientation Agency to actively engage in diffusing tensions and reinstating public trust.


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