Madagascar: After Criticism from the President of the National Assembly, Presidential Camp Strikes Back

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Following her explosive statements over the weekend, the presidential camp unleashed heavy artillery on Monday to publicly condemn the former ally of Andry Rajoelina. The ruling party TGV/IRD announced sanctions against the individual who they claim has “betrayed” and “switched sides.”

“The country has sunk into evil and total injustice,” declared Christine Razanamahasoa on Saturday. The President of the National Assembly of Madagascar stated she did not want to be complicit in the “quagmire into which the people are being dragged” which she attributed to “one person.”

The first shots were fired by members of the presidential camp. “This is not the first time that the President of the Assembly has acted to disrupt political life and incited what appears to be a coup!” stated Deputy Milavonjy Philobert. He added, “According to our rules, members must ensure to support the President in moving forward. We are against the actions of Christine Razanamahasoa, and we call on the political bureau of the IRD to make decisions.”

A few hours later, the political bureau convened and announced, through its secretary-general Jocelyne Rahelihanta, that it would be taking “measures.” “She has reneged on both the political party that placed her at the head of the Assembly and the people who elected her as a deputy. The party does not tolerate this behavior and will take strict measures commensurate with her actions,” stated the secretary-general.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event, the President of the Senate publicly criticized his colleague, labeling her as selfish and condemning her behavior as “unworthy of her age.”


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