Russia Apprehends Gunmen Following Concert Hall Attack; Death Toll Mounts to 115

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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In a swift response to the devastating assault on a Moscow concert hall, Russia announced on Saturday the apprehension of 11 individuals, including four gunmen, as the death toll climbed to 115. Despite the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to issue a public statement, and Moscow has not officially addressed the terrorist group’s assertion.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Friday evening at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow’s Krasnogorsk suburb, where camouflaged gunmen unleashed a barrage of gunfire amidst a packed crowd attending a concert by the Soviet-era rock band Piknik. This chilling assault stands as the deadliest attack to strike Russia in at least a decade.

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), some of the perpetrators fled towards the Russia-Ukraine border, hinting at potential connections within Ukraine. However, specific details regarding these links were not disclosed by the FSB.

Amidst the chaos, certain Russian lawmakers raised speculative allegations pointing towards Kyiv, though evidence supporting such claims remains absent. Senior Russian MP Andrey Kartapolov suggested Ukraine and its supporters as possible instigators, though Ukrainian authorities swiftly denied any involvement, affirming that the country bore no responsibility for the attack.

The Kremlin confirmed that FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov briefed President Putin on the arrests made in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, authorities cautioned that the casualty count could rise further, with over 100 individuals still hospitalized and search operations ongoing at the fire-ravaged concert venue.

Putin’s prolonged silence in the aftermath of the attack has drawn attention, as he has neither issued public statements nor made any public appearances in over 12 hours since the incident. The situation remains fluid, with ongoing investigations aimed at uncovering the full scope of the tragedy and bringing those responsible to justice.


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