Nigeria Conveys Condolences to Russia After Tragic Moscow Terrorist Attack

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Nigeria extended its heartfelt condolences to the people and Government of the Russian Federation in the wake of the heinous terrorist attack that shook Moscow on Friday. Gunmen clad in camouflage attire unleashed a barrage of gunfire at a concert venue located in the Crocus City Hall near the Russian capital, resulting in a devastating loss of lives.

According to reports from Al Jazeera, the death toll from the terrorist assault at Crocus City Hall has tragically risen to 115, with children among the victims. The use of automatic weapons in the attack, described as one of the gravest incidents to befall Russia in recent years, underscores the severity of the atrocity.

In response to this appalling act of violence, Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, conveyed the nation’s profound sympathy and condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Through a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria stands in solidarity with Russia during this period of mourning, reaffirming its commitment to combatting terrorism and promoting peace and security on the global stage.


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