Military Operation Rescues Abducted 16 Children and Woman in Sokoto State

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In a commendable display of swift action and coordination, troops from Operation Hadrin Daji successfully rescued 16 Almajiris and a woman who was abducted in the Gada Local Government Area of Sokoto State. The abduction, carried out by terrorists on March 9, 2024, had deeply unsettled the community, prompting immediate response efforts from the military and local authorities.

According to a statement issued on Saturday by Major General Buba Edward, Director of Media Operations at the Defence Headquarters, the collaborative efforts of the military, local authorities, and government agencies were instrumental in securing the freedom of the hostages. Following a coordinated search and rescue operation, the victims were safely retrieved from captivity and subsequently handed over to the Sokoto State Government for further assistance and support.

The successful operation underscores the unwavering commitment of the military to safeguarding the lives and well-being of all citizens, particularly in areas affected by insecurity and terrorism. Major General Edward emphasized that the military remains dedicated to deploying resources and expertise to locate and rescue kidnapped victims across the country, reaffirming its resolve to combat criminal elements and ensure the safety of communities nationwide.

The swift and decisive action taken by Operation Hadrin Daji serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between security forces and local authorities in responding to security challenges and restoring peace and stability in affected regions. As the nation continues its collective efforts to combat terrorism and insecurity, such successful operations offer hope and reassurance to communities affected by acts of violence and abduction.


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