Inauguration of a New Constitutional Council and Appointment of its Members

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In the heart of Bangui, Central African Republic, on Friday, March 22nd, a significant moment unfolded as the newly appointed members of the Constitutional Council took their oath. This pivotal event marked the transition from the outgoing mandate, set to conclude at the end of March, to a fresh chapter guided by the principles of the new Constitution.

Under the revamped constitutional framework enacted on August 30, 2023, the process of member selection underwent a substantial transformation, drawing both attention and critique from opposition quarters.

Departing from the previous paradigm of nine judges elected within their professional circles, the Council now comprises eleven members, five of whom are elected representatives. The remaining six members are appointed, with three chosen by the Head of State and three by the President of the National Assembly.

Gone are the days when the Council’s members were formally designated as judges, as the erstwhile Constitutional Court yields to the Council. However, a nod to tradition remains evident as they adorned the ceremonial robes – a vibrant ensemble of red, adorned with delicate black and white embroidery.

In the presence of esteemed guests numbering in the hundreds, each member solemnly responded to the roll call and pledged unwavering allegiance to the fundamental law of the land.

Noteworthy is the extension of their mandates from the previous seven years to now spanning nine years, signaling a commitment to enduring stability and continuity in governance. Among the newly sworn-in cohort, continuity finds representation in the retention of outgoing President Jean-Pierre Waboué and member Inès Valérie Waby-Bekaï.

With their oaths now sworn, this diverse assembly of legal minds – comprising magistrates, legal practitioners, and esteemed professors of law – assumes the crucial responsibility of electing a president and vice-president in the days ahead. As they embark on this pivotal task, they carry the hopes and aspirations of a nation poised on the cusp of a new era defined by justice, integrity, and constitutional adherence.

Soukaina Sghir

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