Three Butchers Sentenced to Community Service for Public Nuisance at Abuja Court

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Three Butchers have been ordered to perform community service by sweeping the court premises for two weeks as a consequence of their involvement in constituting a public nuisance.

The presiding judge, Aliyu Alhassan, opted not to offer the defendants, Kabiru Abubakar, Sani Isa, and Yusuf Isiaka, any option to pay a fine, instead emphasizing the need for them to refrain from further criminal activities.

The trio, who were without fixed addresses, had previously pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them.

According to the prosecution counsel, Olarewaju Osho, the butchers were apprehended on March 2nd during a police operation conducted by officers from the Karu Police Station. The raid targeted a known hotspot where criminal activities, particularly the illicit sale of hard drugs, were prevalent.

The offense committed by the defendants violates Section 198 of the Penal Code and is subject to punishment as prescribed by law.


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