Corruption Scandal.. Madagascar’s Jirama Consumer Representative Suspected

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At the beginning of the month, the Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau (Bianco) uncovered a new scandal within Jirama, the national water and electricity company: overpriced generators through a front company. Among the three individuals detained in connection with this case is the consumer representative at Jirama, suspected of complicity in these embezzlements.

The arrest of Rakotorova Rabetsara has sparked outrage among his defenders, who claim that he had alerted the Minister of Energy about suspicious practices weeks before the scandal broke. “Why is the whistleblower being perceived as an accomplice to such acts?” questioned the National Consumer Defense Network on its Facebook page. Notably, the RNDC is chaired by Rakotorova Rabetsara, one of the three individuals currently in provisional detention in the new corruption case plaguing Jirama. The consumer representative on Jirama’s Board of Directors had hitherto remained largely silent on the inconveniences caused by the persistent power outages.

Open Letter

In an open letter addressed to the President of Madagascar, published on Monday, March 18, the RNDC alleges that Rakotorova Rabetsara had suddenly alerted the Minister of Energy via WhatsApp on January 23 about the existence of a “mafia” within Jirama. In screenshots of exchanges between the two men made public, the administrator outlines the process of overpricing used to embezzle at least eight billion ariarys, equivalent to 1.6 million euros.

In this evolving scandal, the complexities of accountability and complicity intertwine, shedding light on the challenges faced in combating corruption within Madagascar’s public institutions. As investigations continue, the importance of transparency, integrity, and the protection of whistleblowers becomes ever more crucial in the pursuit of justice and accountability.

Soukaina Sghir

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