Haiti: Escalating Chaos and Violence as Government Struggles to Form

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Haiti continues to spiral deeper into chaos and gang violence as the Presidential Council struggles to establish itself. On Monday, March 18th, armed group attacks persisted, particularly in the affluent commune of Pétion-Ville, located in the southern suburb of Port-au-Prince. Adding to the turmoil, attacks on electrical installations have caused significant power outages in the capital.

“Port-au-Prince Plunged into Blackout,” reads the headline on the news website Alterpresse this morning. Several electrical substations and the Varreux power plant have been destroyed or severely damaged. Armed groups have also intensified their assaults on state institutions.

Central Bank Targeted

Yesterday, Monday, March 18, the Central Bank of Haiti was targeted in an attack that was successfully repelled by law enforcement forces. Additionally, during an assault on several residences in the affluent neighborhoods of Pétion-Ville, at least fourteen people were killed. As gangs maintain pressure on the capital, controlling approximately 80% of the territory, the establishment of the Presidential Council has been delayed.

Presidential Council Expected by End of Week

Internal dissensions within the groups tasked with sending representatives to the body responsible for appointing an interim Prime Minister have contributed to the delay. So far, the regional organization Caricom, overseeing Haitian negotiations, has received the names of six out of the seven expected representatives. One political party has declined to participate in the Presidential Council, which, according to Radio Télé Métronome, could be established by the end of this week.

The deteriorating situation in Haiti underscores the urgent need for stability and effective governance to address the escalating violence and restore order in the country.

Soukaina Sghir

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