Mauritania: Political Parties Await Recognition Following Five Days of National Dialogue

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A five-day national dialogue was convened in Nouakchott, bringing together recognized and aspiring political parties, civil society, trade unions, and the electoral commission to collaboratively prepare for the upcoming presidential elections in June 2024.

Central to the discussions were the demands for recognition of political parties. The government views these consultations as pivotal in fostering a peaceful political environment, particularly following the contentious legislative elections held last May.

In his closing remarks, the Ministry of Interior commended the extensive five days of inclusive debates, which yielded numerous recommendations. Key topics included necessary improvements for organizing transparent elections and deliberations on potential reforms to the political party law.

The dialogue also provided an opportunity to address the recognition requests of numerous political entities. Currently, while twenty parties are officially recognized, the Ministry of Interior revealed that 98 recognition applications have been submitted to the relevant authorities.

For some parties awaiting acknowledgment, such as the RAG party led by Deputy Biram Dah Abeid, these five days of deliberations served as a platform to assert their legitimacy within Mauritanian political discourse.

The national dialogue underscores Mauritania’s commitment to inclusive governance and electoral transparency, as stakeholders work collaboratively to address key issues and pave the way for credible and participatory elections in the country’s democratic process.


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