Morocco Launches Ambitious Plan to Increase Green Hydrogen Production

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Dubbed the “Morocco offer,” this plan aims to develop green hydrogen in the country. This gas energy source is now a priority for the kingdom to undergo its energy transition, as green hydrogen is attracting interest worldwide, particularly for its low carbon emissions.

With one million hectares of land available to national and international investors, the “Morocco offer,” unveiled this week by the government, has a clear objective: to make the kingdom one of the world leaders in the green hydrogen sector.

According to the Minister of Investment, Convergence, and Public Policy, hundreds of national and foreign investors have already shown “genuine and keen interest” in these energy projects. Contracts could reach several billion dollars each.

From an environmental standpoint, green hydrogen is seen by many experts as a sustainable energy source due to its low emissions of polluting materials. Morocco, which currently imports 90% of its energy needs, hopes to produce more than half of its consumption by 2030 through green hydrogen.

But the Kingdom would not be the only one to benefit from this transition: many countries, especially in Europe, are interested in the possibility of sourcing decarbonized energy from Morocco.

To achieve this, significant investments will be necessary because hydrogen, to be considered green, must be produced with neutral energies such as wind or solar. These are investments that Morocco hopes to mobilize in the coming years, following the agreement reached with the United Arab Emirates in December 2023.

This initiative underscores Morocco’s commitment to sustainable development and its potential to become a key player in the global green energy market.

Soukaina Sghir

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