Guinean Women Disappointed by Unfulfilled Promise of Gender Parity in Government

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Guinean women express disappointment with the government of the new Prime Minister Amadou Bah Oury, unveiled on Wednesday, March 13th. Despite his pledge on March 8th that the executive branch would comprise at least 30% women, only 6 out of 29 ministers are female, accounting for just 20% of the team. This shortfall has left various groups and associations disheartened.

When he assured, amidst applause, that his government would include at least 30% women, the new Prime Minister Amadou Bah Oury was also responding to a directive from the transitional President Mamadi Doumbouya, he had clarified. However, among the 29 announced ministers, only 6 are women, representing approximately 20% of the entire new team.

This discrepancy is a source of disappointment for the Guinean Women’s Reflection and Influence Group (Grif), which advocated for gender parity, as explained by its member Moussa Yero Bah. According to this journalist and president of the NGO Women’s Development and Human Rights in Guinea, “One cannot tell me today that in the Republic of Guinea, one cannot find, for example, 14 women for this government to respect that parity.” Because “it is the women who constitute the pillar of this society.”

This situation underscores broader concerns about representation and equality in Guinea’s political landscape, highlighting the ongoing struggle for gender parity and the need for more inclusive governance structures.


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