Kidnapped Students in Kaduna Taken to Remote Locations, Military States

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The abduction of 287 students from a school in Kuriga, Kaduna State, last week was a deliberate tactic employed by the perpetrators to use vulnerable targets as human shields and deter any potential air or ground offensives against them, according to statements from military officials.

Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, highlighted this strategy on Thursday, emphasizing that with the weakening of numerous terrorist factions due to military operations, there is a possibility of these groups seeking to replenish their ranks by recruiting new members. Consequently, the abduction of young students and children serves as a means to achieve this sinister objective.

“We have significantly diminished their numbers, eliminating many of their leaders and fighters. The terrorists demonstrated extreme cowardice by targeting innocent children,” remarked Gen Buba.

However, Gen Buba acknowledged the delay in alerting security agencies to the abduction, stating that it took over six hours for the information to reach them before rescue operations could be initiated.

“In the complexity of warfare, challenges inevitably arise, and our situation is no different. Recent incidents of civilian abductions in various regions – including the North East, North West, and North Central – have been perpetrated by a ruthless and unscrupulous group that should rightly be labeled as terrorists, not mere bandits,” he emphasized. “These individuals are unlawfully holding innocent citizens captive, in blatant violation of humanitarian principles, the laws of armed conflict, and fundamental human decency.”

Efforts to secure the safe return of the abducted students continue, with the military reaffirming its unwavering commitment to defeating the insurgency and ensuring the protection of civilians against terrorist atrocities.


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