Guinea: New Government Appointed, with Numerous Administrators as Ministers

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After two weeks of stagnation without a government, Guinea has formed a new team comprising 29 members, including six women. More than half of these appointees are unfamiliar faces, all drawn from the administrative sector, with political parties being disregarded in the selection process. Within this new government, there has also been a game of musical chairs.

Key ministerial positions such as Defense, Security, and Foreign Affairs remain unchanged in terms of their incumbents. Retired generals Aboubacar Sidiki Camara, known as “Idi Amin,” at the Ministry of National Defense, Bachir Diallo at the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection, and Morissanda Kouyaté at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have all been retained.

However, the Ministry of Justice in Guinea has a new minister at its helm. Yaya Kairaba Kaba, previously the Inspector General of Judicial and Penitentiary Services, replaces the outspoken Alphonse Charles Wright.

Similarly, the Ministry of Mines and Geology sees a change in leadership. Moussa Magassouba, criticized by mining company executives, relinquishes his position to one of his advisors, Bouna Sylla, who is relatively unknown to the public.

In terms of protocol, the highest-ranking female minister occupies the 10th position: Diami Diallo, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development. Meanwhile, Diaka Sidibé, who has brought innovation to higher education, takes over the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and SMEs.

During this reshuffle, two journalists have been appointed to government positions: Fanah Soumah, former Director-General of the National Radio and Television, becomes the Minister of Information and Communication, while Moussa Moise Sylla, previously responsible for communication at the presidential palace, assumes the role of Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts.


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