Togo: Parliament Extends State of Emergency in the Savanes Region by One Year

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The Togolese Parliament voted on Tuesday to extend the state of emergency for 12 months in the Savanes region. It has been in effect in the area since June 2022. This measure will strengthen the presence of authority in this region plagued by armed incursions.

This marks the second time Togolese deputies have renewed the state of emergency in the Savanes region. Located in the far north of the country, the area has been subject to regular armed incursions since November 2021.

According to parliamentarians, this state of emergency aims to maintain the vigilance of the population, ensure that defense and security forces are in the best position, and adapt the fight against armed groups according to the evolving situation. Another security objective of this decision is to allow the population to vote peacefully during the legislative and regional elections scheduled for April 20th.

“The government will use this legal instrument wisely to strengthen and ensure a healthy and secure environment across the territory for the conduct of a peaceful and secure election for all,” stated the Minister of Territorial Administration, Colonel Hadabalo Awate, before the deputies, as armed attacks persist in the Savanes region since November 2021.


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