Gabon: Democratic Party Celebrates 56 Years After Ali Bongo’s Ouster

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The former ruling party celebrated its 56th anniversary on Tuesday, March 12th, under unusual circumstances following the military coup on August 30th, 2023, which ousted its president, Ali Bongo. Last Friday, another bombshell hit the Democratic Party of Gabon (PDG) as the former state leader was also removed from the party’s leadership.

In Gabon, the 56th anniversary of the Democratic Party of Gabon (PDG) is being observed, albeit without its president and former head of state, Ali Bongo, who was ousted from his party role last week. His mother has also been expelled, and a new leadership team has since been appointed. However, these announcements have sparked controversy in the country, with legal proceedings even initiated to overturn these decisions.

The New Leadership Looks Forward

Nevertheless, the new leadership of the PDG is determined to move forward. The party’s new first vice-president, Paul Biyoghe Mba, sought to rally the party members for the celebration of its 56th anniversary. “It is the first time since its inception in 1968 that our party celebrates its anniversary without being in power. We must adopt a new strategy. Every member needs to mobilize genuinely by working as a team. We must adapt our vision for the future in an increasingly competitive political environment. A roadmap will be developed very soon,” he assured Sébastien Németh from the Africa service.

“Regaining Our Position”

“The PDG directorate will spare no effort to ensure that our party not only stands firm but also regains the position it has held over the past fifty years. Our immediate mission is to prepare a congress that will define our future, with our participation in all electoral events in mind. I believe in it; we have the necessary resources to lead the pack,” he added.

The PDG’s journey ahead is uncertain but marked by a determination to reclaim its prominence in Gabonese politics despite the recent upheavals.


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