Chad: Opposition Criticizes Success Masra’s Candidacy

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The Transformers party submitted the candidacy of Success Masra to the Constitutional Council. Masra was formerly the opposition leader and is now the Prime Minister.

Success Masra’s candidacy has stirred discontent among his former comrades who accuse him of compromising with the government by accepting amnesty for those responsible for the October 20, 2022 massacres and later assuming the premiership. Others reproach him for plunging Chad into a severe social crisis by raising fuel prices or for not adequately condemning the death of opposition figure Yaya Dillo, killed in an army assault on his party’s headquarters on February 28th.

An Agreement with the Government?

Opposition figure Max Kemkoye, president of the Union des démocrates pour le développement et le progrès (UDP), believes that Success Masra’s presidential candidacy is the result of an agreement with the government: “It’s a means of political survival. He will invest in the upcoming legislative elections to secure more seats. So, it’s a way to maintain himself. He wants to keep the position of Prime Minister.”


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