Cameroon: Government Deems Opposition Coalitions Illegal

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Paul Atanga Nji, the Minister of Territorial Administration, has adopted a stern stance against two emerging political movements engaged in coalition-building efforts among opposition parties ahead of the next presidential election. This was announced in a statement issued yesterday, Tuesday, March 12th. Consequently, the said organizations are now prohibited across the entire national territory.

In his statement, Paul Atanga Nji points out that “two associations, the Alliance for Change (APC) on one hand, and the Political Alliance for Transition (APT) on the other,” are conducting “illegal” activities within the national territory. He also expresses concern that these movements, which he describes as “clandestine,” have “visited imprisoned terrorists convicted of serious crimes (…) with the intention, in his opinion, of forming a political alliance.” The minister refers here to a recent meeting at the main prison in YaoundĂ© between Julius Ayuk Tabe, the self-proclaimed president of Ambazonia, and deputy Jean-Michel Nintcheu.


This meeting had been condemned by a statement from the deputy, calling for the release of all individuals imprisoned in connection with the Anglophone crisis and for the initiation of a “genuine dialogue” on the matter. “Unacceptable,” fumes the minister, who says that only legally recognized political parties are permitted to engage in political activities nationwide. Paul Atanga Nji orders the prohibition of any demonstrations under the auspices of these associations.

“A Threat”

In response to the minister’s statement, Jean Michel Nintcheu, founder of the APC, emphasized in a statement that, throughout Cameroon’s political history since the early 1990s, movements of this nature have always existed, both within the opposition and the ruling camp. According to this opposition figure, the Minister of Territorial Administration’s statement “poses a threat to the exercise of political rights in Cameroon.” On the part of the APT, Olivier Bile, its standard-bearer, stated that they “take note” of the minister’s statement while highlighting “confusions and exaggerations” in his remarks.

Soukaina Sghir

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