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The Seville coach is not satisfied by Al-Nusairi and wants to sign with another striker

The Spanish media mentioned, that Seville coach Jorge Sampaoli wants to sign

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Bayern Munich announces the injury of Canadian Alfonso Davies

Bayern Munich confirmed that its Canadian defender, Alfonso Davies, suffered a bruised

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Xavi calls Shady Riad for Barcelona and Celta Vigo match

The coach of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, has summoned the Moroccan defender Shadi

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The Moroccan player Shadi Riad in Barcelona first team training

The presence of Moroccan defender, Shadi Riad, in the training of the

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“Sofiane Amrabat” the best player in Fiorentina for the month of September

The Moroccan player, Sofiane Amrabat, won the award for the best player

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The Moroccan sport star “Chedira” in the perfect squad for “Serie B”

Moroccan player Walid Chedira was in the perfect squad for the seventh

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