UN Report on M23.. Uganda Denies Support for Rebel Group in Eastern DRC

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Uganda has firmly denied any support for the M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) following the publication of a UN report on July 8. According to UN experts, Ugandan military intelligence facilitated the transit of M23 troops, as well as the Rwandan forces backing them, across Ugandan territory.

The report also claims that Uganda allowed M23 rebel leaders to stay in Kampala and Entebbe. These allegations have been categorically rejected by Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye, spokesperson for the Ugandan army.

Brigadier General Kulayigye stated, “This report has absolutely no scientific basis. It lacks documentation and is biased. We have no reason to support these rebels, as we are part of regional mechanisms for resolving conflicts in eastern DRC. Such allegations undermine our efforts rather than support them.”

He continued, “If these experts are truly from the United Nations, they should support regional efforts to find a peaceful solution rather than accuse us of taking sides. Our country is not being used as a base by these rebels. Instead, we are hosting refugees for their own safety in accordance with UN policies. We have excellent relations with the DRC government.”

Highlighting Uganda’s commitment to regional stability, Kulayigye noted, “We have a joint mission in the Ituri region to combat ADF terrorists. So why would we support a group fighting against the very government we are working with?”

Uganda’s firm denial of the UN report’s allegations underscores its stance on regional cooperation and conflict resolution in eastern DRC. As both Uganda and the DRC continue their collaborative efforts to address security challenges, the international community will closely watch the developments and responses to such critical accusations.


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