Kenya: Nationwide Strike Called for June 25th to Protest New Tax Proposals

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A call for a nationwide strike was issued for Tuesday, June 25th, in Kenya. This strike aims to protest the government’s proposed budget, which includes the introduction of new taxes. The announcement follows a series of demonstrations held by thousands of young people across this East African nation.

The proposed budget, which has sparked widespread discontent, is seen as a burden on the already strained financial resources of many Kenyans. The youth, who make up a significant portion of the protestors, are particularly vocal about the potential impact of these new taxes on their economic future.

Activists and opposition leaders are urging all citizens to participate in the strike to send a strong message to the government about their dissatisfaction with the proposed fiscal policies. The organizers argue that the new taxes will exacerbate the cost of living and increase economic hardship for ordinary Kenyans.

The call for a strike comes on the heels of a large-scale demonstration held the previous day, where thousands of young people took to the streets in various cities. These protests were marked by high levels of participation and a clear demand for the government to reconsider its budgetary plans.

While the government maintains that the new taxes are necessary to fund critical development projects and reduce national debt, critics argue that the measures are poorly timed and will place undue stress on an already struggling population.

As June 25th approaches, all eyes will be on Kenya to see how the nationwide strike unfolds and whether it will prompt the government to alter its proposed budget. The outcome of these protests may significantly influence the country’s economic policies and the relationship between the government and its citizens.


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