DRC Authorities and Judiciary Intensify Stance Against Homosexuality

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Authorities and the judiciary in DRC are intensifying their stance against homosexuality. Following directives from the new Minister of Justice, Constant Mutamba, on June 20th, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court has instructed magistrates to clamp down on homosexual acts and other practices such as group sex. This directive comes in a country with a predominantly Catholic and Pentecostal population but is not officially supported by any specific legislation.

The Justice Minister had initially suggested that only those who promote these sexual practices should be prosecuted. However, Attorney General Firmin Mvonde has taken a more aggressive approach. In his directive to prosecutors nationwide, Mvonde targeted individuals engaging in these practices, arguing that they undermine public morals. “The law, being put to the test, must prevail,” he stated, asserting that this is crucial for the country’s tranquility.

Mvonde advocates for what he describes as a “more responsible” crackdown, which would follow warnings and a public awareness campaign to avoid “unnecessary resistance” that could further disturb the sought-after peace. This approach aims to balance enforcement with education to mitigate backlash.

Non-governmental organizations have already criticized this measure, pointing out that there is no law in the DRC that criminalizes homosexuality. They had suggested that the Minister of Justice draft legislation before instructing the judiciary to take action.

Judicial sources indicate that homosexuals and individuals engaging in other so-called deviant practices can only be prosecuted for “offenses against decency and public morals” if these acts are performed publicly or are publicly advocated.


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