Mali: West African Journalists’ Organization Demands Release of Colleague Yeri Bocoum

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Journalist Yeri Bocoum has been missing for over ten days. The promoter of YBC web-TV, Bocoum was abducted on June 8th by plainclothes men after covering a demonstration by opponents of the transitional authorities the previous day. Since then, his family has had no contact with him. The Union of Journalists of the Free African Press (UJPLA) calls for his release.

Yeri Bocoum is being held in an undisclosed location by the Malian State Security Services, and his case has not been referred to the judiciary.

Noël Yao, president of the UJPLA, spoke with David Baché from the Africa editorial team, urging Malian authorities to release the journalist.

“The UJPLA demands that the Malian authorities ensure the prompt and swift release of journalist Yeri Bocoum, who is being held incommunicado. As an individual and a journalist, there is no justification for his treatment. Therefore, the UJPLA calls for his release so he can reunite with his family, and colleagues, and continue his journalistic activities, despite accusations stemming from his coverage of an opposition protest,” stated Noël Yao.

“There are regulatory bodies and mechanisms. This approach does not guarantee the freedom of journalists to perform their duties properly. A journalist does not need authorization to cover a protest, even if it is banned. On the contrary, they must understand and report on the events,” Yao asserted.


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