Mauritania: Presidential Campaign Begins with Limited Opposition Presence

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The presidential election campaign for the upcoming June 29th vote is off to a slow start in the capital. In the bustling streets of the city center, the traditional Mauritanian tents known as khaïmas, typically set up by campaign headquarters during elections, predominantly support President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, who is seeking a second term.

At the headquarters of opposition candidate Biram Dah Abeid, who secured second place in the last presidential election, party members explained that their gatherings now occur in specific locations such as party offices. According to Ahmed Salem Deklé, the candidate’s political advisor, this shift is due to both financial and strategic reasons.

“Khaïmas consumed a lot of money, and in terms of electoral return, their effectiveness was often uncertain. This is why most opposition groups have chosen alternative mobilization techniques. We organize caravans to reach voters, particularly in rural areas, and we have extensively utilized social media,” stated Deklé.

Although fewer in number, khaïmas supporting other candidates have been observed in neighborhoods farther from the city center.

This change in campaign tactics marks a significant shift in the approach of Mauritania’s opposition parties as they seek to maximize their reach and impact in the upcoming presidential election.


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