Lagos-Calabar Highway: Federal Government Reroutes and Reduces Project to Six Lanes

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Federal Government

Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria has made some drastic modifications to the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway. Due to various complex problems, which may be potentially detrimental to the telecommunications companies’ subsea cables, the route of the proposed highway has been shifted. Secondly, in view of the high costs of the project, the project has been scaled down to accommodate only 6 lanes instead of the initial projected 10 lanes.

The adjustments were explained by the Minister of Works, David Umahi, during a meeting with the contractors on Tuesday in Abuja. He stated that the government has provided 10 billion Naira for the reimbursement of property owners who lost their structures including those demolished for the construction of the 700 km long highway. The first 47 kilometres of the project would take about one year and hence be ready for the public by May the following year.

Having commenced this year, no doubt the Lagos-Calabar highway project intends to cover nine states and two spurs to the northern states having concrete pavement. A committee was set up to investigate, measure and then compensate people who lost their land to the construction. Starting from may 1, the government will release N2. 75 billion to property owners that are adversely affected.

Part one of the highway will begin from Eko Atlantic and ends at the Lekki deep sea port. Accompanying the site visit was Minister Umahi, who stressed that the government continues to fund the project, arguing that contrary to some reports, this project remains operational. Currently, over four kilometres of the planned six-lane concrete road have been realised.

Some of the changes were as a result of concerns raised by MTN on the position of subsea cable and the Okuaja complaining of the closeness of the highway to their farmland. It later deviates at the project before rejoining at kilometer 25 after some form of alignment. I want to also appreciate the contractor because they have done a very good job, have been very committed and very reasonable, Sir, we have paid a total of close to N10 billion in compensation and we are not owing any contractor.


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