Ivory Coast: Mastermind Behind Fake Passport Scandal Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

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The Abidjan Court of Appeal delivered its verdict on the morning of Wednesday, June 12th, concerning the case of passports obtained through fraudulent means. A total of twenty individuals were accused of forging and using false administrative documents.

The court upheld a five-year prison sentence for Aboubacar Diakité, identified as the mastermind of a network that produced counterfeit administrative documents. Diakité had been sentenced last December by the Economic and Financial Penal Pole (PPEF). Due to his failure to appeal within the stipulated time, the court confirmed his sentence.

However, the sentences were reduced for three defendants, who received 24 months, 18 months, and 12 months in prison for “forgery and use of false administrative documents.” Additionally, five defendants were acquitted in this case.

The full extent of the fraud remains unclear, but according to the civil parties, numerous passports were issued based on these forged documents. Also implicated were “false passes and stickers issued to individuals to facilitate their movement,” explained Abdoulaye Ben Meïté, a lawyer representing the Ivorian state.

Meïté emphasized the significance of this case, stating, “This matter involves several symbols of the state.”

This case underscores the critical issue of document fraud within the country’s administrative system. The confirmation of sentences and ongoing legal proceedings highlight the efforts to uphold the integrity of state symbols and administrative processes. As the investigation continues, the focus remains on ensuring accountability and preventing further exploitation of the system.


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