Spain-Morocco Cooperation After Melilla fence Incident

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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Moroccan Security Forces Thwart Attempted Border Attack on Occupied Melilla

Spanish and Moroccan authorities have upheld a consistent level of communication and cooperation since Monday night. During this time, approximately 100 young Moroccans attempted to gain unauthorized access to the occupied city of Melilla by breaching the separation fence.

In addressing journalists’ queries, Sabrina Moh, the government delegate in the occupied city, affirmed that the present state at the fence remains calm. She asserted that there is no urgency to reinforce security measures, as the attempted breach involved around a hundred individuals—a circumstance efficiently addressed with the existing resources in Melilla.

As highlighted by the Spanish official, in the event that there is a requirement to augment the troop presence along the border perimeter, they are in constant communication with the Ministry of Interior, maintaining a standard practice. This ensures that reinforcements can be swiftly mobilized to the city as expediently as possible.

The spokeswoman clarified that Morocco is actively enforcing its regulations, maintaining a significant presence at its section of the border to deter crossing attempts, such as the incident last Monday. She acknowledged that security forces in the neighboring country have already implemented necessary measures and affirmed their commitment to ongoing coordination and cooperation with Morocco to monitor and respond to any youth activity in the perimeter.

Concerning the implementation of the smart border system at the Bani Ansar crossing, the government representative noted that progress is ongoing. The entrance building has been successfully constructed, awaiting the finalization of its equipment and computer facilities. Simultaneously, the exit building is in the final stages of completion.

Mouad Boudina

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