Morocco Ranks Among Top 20 Countries with “Best Roads in the World”

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Morocco Ranks Among Top 20 Countries with "Best Roads in the World"

In a recent classification by the American website “Insider Monkey,” based on the International Monetary Fund’s “Road Quality and Average Speed” report, Morocco has secured the 16th position among the top 20 countries globally with the best road infrastructure. The average speed between major Moroccan cities is reported to be approximately 95 kilometers per hour. The ranking acknowledges Morocco’s commitment to dedicating a significant portion of its national budget to road maintenance and the improvement of rural road quality.

The methodology employed for country classification, as explained by Insider Monkey, relied on data from the International Monetary Fund’s report and the “Average Speed Between Cities” index. This index was deemed the most reliable metric for evaluating road infrastructure and comparing countries based on road quality, considering factors such as road condition and traffic flow.

Morocco’s road infrastructure outperformed Italy, Serbia, Iran, and Sweden, which ranked 20th globally. The United States topped the list, with an average speed of 107 kilometers per hour between major cities.

Saudi Arabia claimed the third position globally, with an average speed of 106 kilometers per hour. The government’s substantial allocation of funds to enhance road infrastructure was highlighted as a contributing factor. Oman secured the seventh position globally, making it the third Arab country in the ranking.

The list also included Namibia and South Africa from the African continent, along with European nations such as France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary. Australia and Canada rounded off the top four positions globally.

The significance of robust road networks for comprehensive development was underscored, given their pivotal role in facilitating mobility. The United Nations recognizes the importance of road connectivity, incorporating indicators in its Sustainable Development Goals to monitor countries’ infrastructure development.


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