Postponement of October 31st Commemorative Gathering in Ouagadougou

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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A commemorative gathering that was scheduled to take place on October 31st in Burkina Faso to celebrate the 2014 popular uprising has been canceled. The event was meant to honor the spirit of the popular uprising, but the various syndicate organizations agreed to a request from the president of the special delegation of Ouagadougou (essentially the mayor) to postpone their planned assembly. The reason cited for the cancellation was the potential risk of public disturbances.

Despite what the syndicate representatives perceive as “inconsistencies” in the letter from Maurice Konaté, the president of the special delegation, the organizers have chosen to act responsibly by suspending the October 31st meeting. Yacouba Kientega, the head of the organizing committee, nonetheless calls on the roughly fifteen member organizations and their supporters to remain engaged and attentive to the initiatives they will undertake, “in response to the evolving situation.”

The assembly, originally intended to take place at the Labor Exchange, aimed to commemorate the October 2014 popular uprising and shed light on various issues, including curtailments on civil liberties, the deteriorating security situation, citizen abductions, and the rising cost of living.

However, individuals claiming allegiance to the current military regime had called for the prohibition of this event, issuing threats and inciting violence against the leaders of the collective member organizations.

Maurice Konaté has expressed concerns that this gathering could exacerbate social tensions. He highlights the prevailing security landscape, serious risks of confrontations, the actual threat of infiltration during the event, and the potential widening of societal divides as key factors, as outlined in his communication to the event organizers.

In a delicate and prudent decision, the syndicate organizations have heeded the call to postpone the event. This decision reflects a commitment to preserving peace and stability in the region, while also demonstrating continued vigilance in the face of evolving circumstances.

The suspension of the October 31st gathering serves as a reminder of the complex challenges facing Burkina Faso as it navigates a path toward national unity and societal well-being. It underscores the need for all stakeholders to exercise responsibility and restraint in the interest of a peaceful and prosperous future for the nation.

Soukaina Sghir

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