Morocco’s Tourism Surges: Record-Breaking Arrivals and Overnight Stays

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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Morocco's Tourism Surges: Record-Breaking Arrivals and Overnight Stays

The “Morocco” destination has witnessed a significant growth in tourism, with over 11.1 million arrivals during the first nine months of this year, marking a substantial increase from the 7.7 million arrivals recorded at the end of September 2022. This data comes from the Directorate of Studies and Financial Forecasts (DEPF), which operates under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Notably, last September, a month that coincided with the occurrence of the Al Haouz earthquake, saw a remarkable surge in tourist arrivals, with a 7% increase compared to the same month in the previous year, surpassing 960,000 arrivals, as reported by DEPF in its October economic analysis.

Furthermore, these arrivals exhibited a noteworthy rise of nearly 9% when compared to September 2019, indicating a robust resurgence in the tourism sector. Concurrently, the number of overnight stays in classified accommodation establishments has displayed remarkable growth, with a 53% annual variation recorded at the end of August 2023. When compared to the figures from August 2019, these overnight stays have increased by 2.6%, signifying a sustained positive trend in the Moroccan hospitality industry.

Mouad Boudina

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