Former Leader of the Ruling Party in the DRC, Jean-Marc Kabund, Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

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On September 13th, 2023, Jean-Marc Kabund, the former leader of the ruling Congolese party, found himself sentenced to seven years in prison, primarily on charges of “insulting the head of state.” This verdict marks a significant development in the political landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Jean-Marc Kabund, a prominent opposition figure in the DRC, faced this verdict more than a year after his initial arrest, which included allegations of insulting the head of state, disparaging the government, and disseminating false information. These accusations stemmed from his declaration of departure from the ruling party and the subsequent formation of his political party.

With this sentence, Kabund, once an influential figure within the regime who transformed into a staunch opponent, finds his aspirations to contest the presidential election on December 20, 2023, thwarted.

Notably, the high court imposed a more severe sentence than the three years of imprisonment initially sought by the prosecution. The final judgment handed down a seven-year prison term, with 16 months of it dedicated to the charge of spreading false information. While Kabund’s legal team decried the verdict as overly harsh, some within the judicial community believe the high court exhibited restraint.

Throughout his trial, Kabund did not mince words in his criticism of President Félix Tshisekedi and his administration. He articulated grievances encompassing a lack of clear vision, corruption, illicit enrichment, and a litany of errors and missteps by the ruling regime. It was these vociferous criticisms that initially led to his arrest.


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