Moroccan Parliamentarians Donate Salaries for Earthquake Relief

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Members of the House of Representatives, the House of Advisors, along with the leaders of parliamentary teams and groups, have made a compassionate decision. They have chosen to contribute one month’s worth of their salaries to a dedicated account established to support the victims of the recent disaster. In a unified and heartfelt message, these esteemed officials conveyed their deepest condolences and sincerest sympathy to King Mohammed VI and the families affected by this tragic event.

These dignitaries commended the prompt and resolute actions of King Mohammed VI. His royal directives swiftly initiated rescue and relief efforts to aid the injured and those adversely impacted by the earthquake. Their acknowledgment extends to the efficacy of these measures, which have had a notably positive impact on mitigating the consequences of this natural disaster.

Furthermore, the officials disclosed their commitment to closely monitor the situation and the strategies implemented to address the aftermath of the earthquake. A joint committee, comprising members from both parliamentary bodies, will ensure effective coordination and oversight.

These leaders emphasized the paramount role of the Moroccan people in transcending this calamity through unity and cooperation. They underscored the significance of the national spirit, which stands as a resilient pillar in the face of challenges and adversity.


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