Will the “BRICS” agree to Morocco’s request to join at its next summit?

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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With the global economic scene vibrating in parallel with the expectations of the upcoming “BRICS” group, the Kingdom of Morocco has positioned itself strategically by entering the race for nominations to join the bloc.

Eager to join forces with the likes of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the North African country has formally expressed its desire to join the sprawling economic alliance. However, as with every strategic move made on the geopolitical chessboard, there are Layers of drivers, opportunities, and challenges waiting to be unfolded.

“BRICS”…a movement of power in the Global South

This is not only about Morocco’s request to join an economic alliance but rather about the nation’s vision to be at the forefront of the evolving echo of the global south, so that the “BRICS” alliance, which was formulated by the economy of the “Goldman Sachs” group specialized in investment banking, has transcended its origins to now symbolize The growing influence of the Global South.

The course of this bloc towards displacing the dollar from the top, as well as its collective economic growth, was “tremendous” in changing the global economic narratives; But Morocco’s offer is not unique. The seductive allure of the BRICS countries is irresistible for several countries interested in benefiting from the bloc’s growing influence. Governments around the world seek a coveted place within this alliance, highlighting the competition.

The BRICS summit, scheduled just a few days away, is not just another global conference, but rather a “battlefield” where countries establish their various economic and strategic pressures, hoping to be noticed, acknowledged, and ultimately welcomed.

Ahead challenges.. The long path to acceptance

While Morocco’s bold step deserves appreciation, the country is facing intense and fierce competition, in the face of the keenness of powerful countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Egypt, with their vast economies and strategic geopolitical positions, to agree with the “BRICS” group.

But the crucial question that arises strongly is, “What does Morocco bring to the negotiating table?” While the upcoming summit of the economic bloc will determine the criteria for expansion, it will not necessarily crown new members, but it will pave the way for alliances and strategic relationships that may influence the decision shortly.

It is also about gauging mutual benefits and potential cooperation, and for Morocco, this necessarily means showing strength while strategically navigating the maze of international diplomacy.

Morocco’s strategic location, which serves as a connecting gateway between Europe and Africa, along with its thriving economic scene, may be critical points to be reckoned with. But will it be enough? It is a question that only time and the sophistication of the “BRICS” countries will answer, so the August meeting, although it is not a final moment of acceptance or rejection, is (considered) a thermometer of Morocco’s capabilities.

In a world where alliances are rapidly shifting like the sands of the desert, Morocco’s attempt to join the BRICS bloc is bold and deliberate. With the summit approaching and world leaders converging, economic narratives for the future are about to be rewritten.

everyone is anxiously awaiting whether Morocco will be the protagonist in this evolving story, as while the growing influence of the BRICS countries cannot be denied, it remains to be seen how the group will shape its future, and which countries will embrace it in its journey forward.

Mouad Boudina

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