Gabon’s August Election: 19 Presidential Contenders Chosen

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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The upcoming presidential election in Gabon has progressed with the validation of 19 candidates by the election commission. Among the candidates are the incumbent President Ali Bongo and several former ministers. The validation process indicates a diverse range of contenders vying for the country’s highest office. As the election date draws near, the nation awaits the democratic exercise that will shape its future leadership.

Despite opposition claims questioning his fitness for the presidency, Ali Bongo’s candidacy has been approved for the upcoming election. The opposition has raised concerns over his ability to serve due to a stroke he suffered in October 2018, which required him to be flown to Morocco for medical treatment. However, the election commission has given the green light for his participation in the race, leaving the voters to consider the implications of his health situation in the context of his candidacy. The matter adds an element of complexity and debate to the electoral process as the nation prepares to cast their votes.

Bongo ascended to power in a controversial 2009 election, succeeding his late father, Omar Bongo. He was later re-elected in 2016. However, both of Bongo’s election victories were met with opposition claims of fraudulence. The opposition vehemently disputed the legitimacy of his wins, further highlighting the contentious nature of Gabonese politics during those electoral periods.

After a nearly 14-year rule, President Ali Bongo is now seeking a third term in office. It is worth noting that Gabon does not have any constitutional term limits, allowing him to run for re-election despite being in power for an extended period. The absence of term limits has sparked debates about political continuity and democratic governance within the country. As the presidential election approaches, the nation’s citizens will determine whether to extend President Bongo’s tenure or seek a new leadership direction.

Alexandre Barro Chambrier, the former Mines Minister, has emerged as the primary contender against President Ali Bongo in the upcoming presidential election. As a Paris-born economist, Chambrier’s entry into the race marks his first participation in a presidential election. His candidacy brings a fresh perspective and presents an alternative choice for the electorate. As the election unfolds, Chambrier’s campaign will likely focus on different policy approaches and ideas, providing voters with a distinct option for the country’s leadership. The political landscape in Gabon appears to be shaping up with a notable competition between these two prominent candidates.

Mouad Boudina

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