Algeria: 34 Lives Lost in Bus Accident

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The civil protection authorities in Algeria confirmed the devastating toll of a bus accident that occurred 1900 kilometers south of the capital, Algiers, in the province of Tamanrasset.

The accident resulted in the loss of 34 innocent lives, with an additional 12 people sustaining injuries. The incident involved a fatal collision followed by a harrowing bus fire in the “Autol” region of the Tamanrasset municipality.

In the wake of dawn, the catastrophic event unfolded, sending shockwaves across the nation. Rescue teams from the civil protection authorities rushed to the scene to combat the blazing inferno and conduct the painstaking task of retrieving victims from within the charred remains of the bus. The entire country mourns as the tragic news spreads, leaving behind a profound sense of sorrow and disbelief.

Afaf Al Fachouch

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