Experts and Parliamentarians Urge Counterterrorism Efforts and Respect for Sovereignty in Africa

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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A two-day conference on “African Parliamentary Cooperation in the Face of Current Challenges” brought together African experts and parliamentarians to discuss the difficulties faced by African nations in terms of economy, security, and food.

The conference, which is ongoing today on July 7th, aims to foster enhanced cooperation and develop effective policies to address the challenges and risks hindering development and exacerbating crises in African countries.

During the conference organized by the Moroccan House of Representatives, experts highlighted the crucial role of parliaments in promoting security and peace on the continent. They emphasized the need for parliamentary involvement and called for its reinforcement.

Abdellatif El-Mesnaoui, a researcher at the African Studies Center in Rabat, emphasized the central role of parliaments in fostering collective thinking to address challenges in Africa. He pointed out significant security challenges posed by jihadist groups, transnational crime, and separatist movements.

El-Mesnaoui also highlighted the negative impact of heat emissions affecting the entire continent, emphasizing the intersection between environmental crises and the common challenges faced by Africa. He stressed the importance of exercising sovereignty over the entire territory of a country, irrespective of certain decisions made by international bodies.

Mohamed El-Sharkawi, an expert in geo-strategic and security studies, emphasized the shared struggle of African countries against terrorism, insecurity, and instability. He called for a comprehensive strategy to address the geopolitical and security transformations occurring in Africa.

El-Sharkawi highlighted the need for African countries to cooperate and work together to establish mechanisms that enhance intelligence exchange and strengthen counterterrorism capabilities. He emphasized the significance of sharing data and information to overcome terrorist organizations. He also urged action to confront terrorist groups exploiting social media platforms. Describing Africa as a “very sick continent,” he called on everyone to assume responsibility for building the continent’s capacity in the fight against terrorism.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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