French President Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne Occupy the Field to Call for “Calm”

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After a tumultuous eight days marked by social unrest following the tragic death of a teenager during a police check, the French president and his Prime Minister have returned to the field. Emmanuel Macron, amidst the backdrop of the renowned “Tour de France,” made a significant stopover in Pau.

President Macron emphasized the importance of involving elected officials in formulating a response to the recent urban riots. Demonstrating his commitment to this cause, the president had already met with the mayors of 220 cities across France earlier in the week. Speaking before a gathering of elected officials at Pau’s town hall, President Macron emphasized the need to restore humanity and foster genuine connections with the citizens affected by these riots, as reported by our political correspondent, Valérie Gas.

In his quest to address the riots and bring about much-needed dialogue, President Macron seeks the support of all those capable of contributing to the renewal of societal discourse. His aim is to instill in every French citizen the belief that they are custodians of a greater citizenship, one that transcends individual interests.

Central to the president’s vision is a collective and republican response. He highlighted Henri IV’s ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable divisions, particularly religious ones, during his reign. This served as a poignant reminder that President Macron intends to avoid hasty reactions and instead provide a thorough and nuanced solution, acknowledging the possibility that lofty speeches may not always translate into tangible action.

Later in the day, President Macron embarked on the next leg of the Tour de France, joining the 6th stage amidst the majestic Pyrenees mountains. This venture was not merely a symbolic gesture but a testament to the president’s unwavering commitment to engage with the French people on various fronts, even in the face of mounting challenges.

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