Macron Announces the End of the Peak of Riots and Demonstrations in His Country

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After nights of rioting and violent demonstrations in France, especially after the killing of a French teenager of Algerian origin, Nael Marzouki, at the hands of a policeman, French President Emmanuel Macron announced, yesterday, Tuesday, that “the peak of the riots in his country has passed”.

According to media reports, the French president’s announcement came during a meeting he attended with mayors at the Elysee Palace, where he pointed out “the need to be cautious about the coming days and weeks”.

The same reports added that Macron asked during the meeting, saying: “Is the return to calm permanent? I am cautious about this, but the peak that we witnessed in the past days has passed”, stressing the importance of “giving priority to ensuring order in the long term”.

It is worth noting that the French Ministry of the Interior had previously announced a set of losses caused by the demonstrations that began a week ago, as France witnessed the outbreak of riots that lasted for several days. The National Police and the Gendarmerie were attacked and vandalized, while about sixty schools were severely damaged.

Soukaina Sghir

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