Gabon: A Report Denounces the “Inglorious” Record of Ali Bongo

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Ali Bongo

The team of researchers, economists, and volunteers has spent ten months investigating the various achievements of the Gabonese government in the past seven years (2016-2023). The unpublished survey estimates that only 13 out of the 105 promises have been fulfilled, 59 have not been fulfilled, and the rest have been partially fulfilled. The authors aim to help citizens make an informed choice during the August 26 presidential election.

Mays Mouissi, one of the report’s authors, declared it an “inglorious record”. President Ali Bongo has kept only 13 of the 105 promises he made in his 2016 presidential election program, “My Commitment to an Emerging Gabon”, resulting in a success rate of only 12%. The Gabonese researcher expressed his disappointment, pointing out that there had been “too many missed opportunities”.

The report classified the 105 pledges into three categories, and three priorities, peace (34 pledges), employment for all (46 pledges), and better living conditions (25 pledges).

The purpose of the survey was to make a “factual, precise, and documented assessment” of the electoral program. For ten months, about thirty people checked the level of achievement of each of the 105 promises. The team collected texts of laws, financial documents, reports, and institutional press releases. The members went to the field, assessed the progress of the projects, and conducted interviews with the administration, elected officials, donors, people involved, etc.

In the report, there are some successes, especially when the promises are related to the adoption of texts, as well as some achievements in the port sector or the construction of primary and secondary schools.

Soukaina Sghir

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