Sudan.. in Darfur “The Population is Dying of Starvation in Absolute Oblivion”

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As fighting continues to rock Sudan, “Solidarités International” was the first NGO to enter West Darfur and the town of el-Geneina last week. The inhabitants of this city have paid a heavy price for the war, which started on April 15th, with 70% of the city having been burned, according to the organization, and in a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

Specializing in the field of water sanitation, the organization “Solidarités International” was able to enter the capital of Western Darfur, where it found a catastrophic reality. Justine Musik Piquemal, who heads the team of this NGO, “did not see a body either on the road or in the city”, while local officials in the city evoke more than 5,000 dead inhabitants, but whose bodies are said to have been cleaned up after littering the streets until a week ago.

According to the organization, the RSF, SAF, Arab militias, and Masalit militias engaged in extremely violent fighting in the city, causing more than 120,000 refugees who were sheltered in schools or administrative buildings to become homeless.

Soukaina Sghir

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