Cameroon: Thirty Women Kidnapped in the North West have Been Released

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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In Cameroon, in the North West region, the mothers of “Big Babanki” have all been released, according to several local sources. Thirty women were beaten and kidnapped by a separatist group in the locality of Kedjom Keku, last weekend. Many of them need medical assistance.

They suffer from injuries to their arms and legs. Some were able to be evacuated on motorbikes to health centers. Others are still in their homes. The locality is only thirty minutes north of Bamenda, the regional capital of the North West, but the separatists have blocked the road by cutting down trees.

The community’s traditional leader is in Douala to meet with community representatives to define a response. “We cannot abandon our village to the terrorists. He says that an armed group decided to impose on the inhabitants of Kedjom Keku, alias “Big Babanki”, a tax of 500 CFA for primary school students and up to 10,000 francs for adult men.

It is against this forced contribution to the conflict that women demonstrated last Friday before being beaten and abducted. Which deeply shocks the son and daughter of two of these women. However, “when our mothers and grandmothers come out to say that something is wrong, we listen to them”, said this Wednesday on the telephone a son and a daughter of two of these women who were tortured and kidnapped by the separatists. after their peaceful march.

This man and this woman, anonymous for their safety, say they are very worried about their mothers and deeply shocked that the elders of the village have been attacked.

Maryam Lahbal

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